Six Pro Tips for Shipping Fragile Packages

Are you getting ready to ship a fragile package and want to make sure it arrives in one piece? Read on to learn six pro tips for shipping fragile packages, as well as why you should always work with a reliable delivery service to ensure safe transport.

Use the right supplies

Before you hand off your packages to be delivered by a same-day courier service, you need to carefully pack your items using enough wrapping materials. If you’re sending a delicate object, it’s best to surround it with a generous amount of bubble wrap or other protective materials. Be sure to cover every section and surface.

For oddly-shaped or larger items, consider using packing peanuts to fill up the rest of the box to form a protective layer around the object. Give a very expensive or fragile item an extra layer of cushion by encasing it in a foam enclosure molded to its specific measurements.

Avoid wrapping too tightly

Resist the urge to wrap fragile objects too tightly. Tight packaging puts too much pressure on items, causing them to break in transit. Depending on the size and shape of the object you’re sending, wrap loosely but securely.

Choose the right box

The best box for a fragile item is one that’s only slightly larger than the item itself. If you choose a box that’s too large, the contents will shift during transit. If you use one that’s too small, the item won’t have a buffer to protect against damage. Always avoid using poly mailers, even if you’re shipping something small, as they usually won’t withstand the wear and tear associated with shipping even short distances.

Seal the box correctly

Once you’ve wrapped your item and placed it securely in the box, you need to seal the box properly. Use plenty of high-quality tape to keep the package from opening during transit. Tape all openings on all sides of the box and use several layers of tape to be on the safe side.

Label the package

After you’ve securely packed your fragile item, label the box with all relevant information regarding where your same-day courier service should deliver the package. In addition to providing address information, mark “handle with care” on all sides of the box to designate that a fragile object is inside.

Include a tilt or impact detector

Tilt and impact detectors are specially made for shipments that need to remain upright. It’s rare for parcel shipments to include these detectors, but if you have an item that requires incredibly delicate, sensitive shipment, these detectors encourage the handlers to use extra caution during transit.

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