Vivian Perez December 28, 2023

You can be trusted- good job!

"Thank for delivering my very important documents today to an attorney’s office. Although I was preparing the package until “the last minute” after your arrival, you were able to deliver it on time and got me a signed receipt. You can certainly be trusted. Thank you! Vivian Perez"
Gigi December 28, 2023

Gigi | 2022-11-08 23:26:30

"Once again, Marathon Messenger to the rescue. Thanx Sacha"
Karel foti December 28, 2023

Karel foti | 2022-11-11 20:31:54

"If you need anything picked up and delivered Please call MARATHON. They are THE BEST. I recently sent a full dinner to a family that contained both hot and cold foods, that took hours to prepare. The care and expeditious handling of this special package was PERFECT! DANNY is professional, courteous, and wonderful to work with. I’m so happy to have found this company ! I highly recommend MARATHON MESSENGER SERVICE! "
Karel Foti December 28, 2023

Karel Foti | 2022-11-21 20:00:12

"Marathon messenger is the VERY BEST ! "
Maria Diaz Castillo December 28, 2023

Para Legal

"I have been in the para legal services with various attorneys for over 20 years. I scheduled for the first time on 1/12/2022 with Marathon a court filing. My call was answered courteous, they arrived before 1 hour to pick up. Their was a problem with my filing the messenger had the court clerk call me. They returned with documents promptly and the driver is very courteous. I will recommend Marathon Messenger to other attorneys."
Madeleine December 28, 2023

Director North America

"Fast, reliable, communicative and fast turnaround times. Will be using again!"