What Documents Can I Transport With a Legal Document Carrier Service?

There are so many aspects of business that can easily be done digitally. You might be surprised to learn that there are some types of documents, however, that actually cannot be sent digitally. When this is the case, it is necessary that documents are properly delivered by hand. This short guide will give you some information on which types of documents you will need a legal courier service for. 

Legal Document Deliveries

Today, you can send and receive pretty much any document to any location. It is even possible to sign documents electronically. But what about documents that cannot be sent this way? There are certain legal documents that still need to be sent by hand to ensure the integrity of the information. Let’s look at some types of documents that should only be delivered by a courier in Miami, FL. 

Wills and Estate Documents – All of the documents that you put together when planning your estate will need to be originals. Any documents sent via electronic means are not original once they are printed. For this reason, wills and estate documents should only be hand-delivered originals.

Passport Applications – Passport applications cannot be delivered electronically. It is necessary for legal purposes that these types of documents are originals that are hand-delivered. For a passport to be approved, there must be a valid, physical signature.

Documents With Traceability Concerns – There are other types of legal or financial documents that also should not be emailed. These types of documents could contain personal information that you need to protect at all costs. This is often the case with sensitive legal documents. For instance, documents that contain information that might be used in a legal case. This type of information needs to be protected.

If you have any type of documents that you wish to keep private and protected, it is necessary to hire to reliable, insured and bonded legal document delivery service.

Even if your documents do not contain legal or financial information, there are times when you simply want to take the extra step to ensure your information remains private and protected. A legal document delivery service provides specialized services to ensure that documents, packages, or other deliverables are kept safe and private.

Hiring a courier service is often well worth the small extra expense because you will get peace of mind. Your documents and packages will be delivered safely, and your information will stay private and protected.